coMIX: Performance + Smell

Dylan Yamada-Rice

Following on from the last blog post in which the idea of Co-mix was introduced this blog post looks at this in relation to performance and smell.

Graphic Narratives + Performance

Several examples of graphic narratives mixed with projections come to mind. The first is The Icebook:

“The Icebook is the world’s first projection mapped pop-up book, a theatrical installation depicting a silent fable through a combination of paper pop-ups, projection mapping and music. By day, each of the 11 pages is no more than a few feet tall featuring intricately hand-cut blank pop-ups, but when the lights go out and a projection is beamed onto the book’s pages, the paper comes to life as if by magic and a dark, atmospheric story unfolds about a man on a journey through the wilderness. The result is an intimate, 15 min visual experience that’s greater than the sum of its parts, designed for an audience of no more than 12 people.” (

Next is the work of A Dandy Punk who describes his style as art/movement/technology:

Graphic Narratives + Smell

Scratch and Sniff technology has been used to enhance a range of graphic narratives from children’s books such as The Sweet Smell of Christmas:

SSOC.jpg.jpgThe Sweet Smell of Christmas (1970)

As well as comics for older readers:


Scartch and Sniff technology has also been used with videogames, such as the Nintendo NES Earthbound:


Scratch and Sniff technology has also been used with a number of films:

  • Polyester (1981)
  • Rugrats Go Wild
  • Spy Kids: All the Time in the World

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